Smart Contract Audit

A smart Contract Audit is the process of generating a detailed, and devised, analytical report on smart contract codes exposing security vulnerabilities and inconsistencies in the code. As blockchain codes exist forever, it demands a need for smart contract auditing services. Our team of professional auditors is experienced to deal with the latest tools and techniques in scrutinizing your project codes.

Package Of Smart Contract Audit Services

Security Audits

Security Audit

To point out vulnerabilities and inconsistencies in the code, our experts review your smart contract codes.

Penetration Testing

Penetration test

Among the Smart Contract audit services, this is where our QA team runs the coding tests to find system exploit

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

We extend expert security consulting, advisory, and guidance along with our Smart contract audit solutions

Crypto Projects Needing Smart Contract Security Audits

Token Contracts/Crowdsales

Token Contracts/ Crowdsales

Tokens and crowd sales involve thousands of interactions, and this lonesomeness calls for the need for Smart Contract Auditing

DeFi Projects

DeFi Projects

The crypto market is crawling with millions of investments demanding the need for Smart contract security audits, as the future

Wallets & dApps

Wallets and dApps

As wallets and dApps are most used among users, their security is essential. We help you sustain trust with our audit services



Revolutionary aspects of web3, NFTs are now armed with abilities and potential. To keep them secured and safe is one sound move

Smart Contract Audit Solutions We Render

Types Of Smart Contract Audit We Offer

Preliminary Security Audit

We assist projects who are willing to take it mainstream and expect a perfect turnaround quickly.

Extensive Security Audit

In-depth analyses in multiple layers are done manually by experts and generate a clear report.

Full Project Engagement Audit

Usually done for bigger projects having complex coding with multiple interjections.

Step By Step Process Of Our Smart Contract Security Audit Service

  • Preliminary Code Review
  • Analyzing Known Vulnerabilities
  • Project Familiarization Phase
  • Analyze Code Quality
  • Analyze Static Codes
  • Source Code Lock-down
  • Functionality Analysis
  • Live Testing
  • Gas Usage
  • Reviewing Round One and Fixing
  • First-Round Audit Report
  • Final Audit Report

Smart Contract Security Audit Process

1. Source Code Review

We run the Smart contract codes to analyze their complexities.

2. Send Custom Quote

Later we shared a custom quote regarding contract audit with the clients.

3. Code Audit

Once accepted, the analyzing process for vulnerabilities starts there.

4. Suggest Remediations

We suggest improvements to the codes, based on their functionalities.

5. Complete Contract Auditing.

We run a complete audit and provide a full-fledged report on the same.

Benefits Of Hiring Smart Contract Security Audit Services Like Us

  • Through an extensive auditing process, all the severe, major, and minor bugs are identified, and better alternatives are suggested.
  • Being a smart contract auditing company we precisely identify the vulnerabilities and assist with the right tool and the best from their expertise.
  • We do Smart Contract Security Audit Services for almost every blockchain platform supported by Ethereum, TRON, EOD, Hyperledger, and the rest.
  • We ensure to render our extensive auditing services at a minimal cost, yet give effective results for your platform.
  • We give your projects a snappy turnaround with our smart contract audit services, scaling up in all terms.
  • All the audits are done by field experts in blockchain smart contracts with years of good hands-on experience.
Smart Contract Benefits

Why Choose Cypershield Your Smart Contract Audit Company?

Technically Enhanced

With years of technical experience in the Blockchain industry, we are technically powered in auditing complex smart contracts.

Expert Team

Over the years we have had the best team of experts and trained professionals who shall make the best for you.

Complete support

We render end-to-end services that are transparent and secured, and we shall also provide expert round-the-clock services.

Meaningful Outcomes

We render our smart contract security audit under result-generating terms helping you scale up better and bigger.

Successful Stories

We have dealt with clients around the world and all 0f them have their own success stories with which we are associated.

Tools And Technologies Utilized In Smart Contract Auditing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart contract audit is the technical review of a smart contract to find any vulnerabilities or inconsistencies in code.

While a simple token contract audit can take 2-3 days, audits for complex smart contracts can take upto 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the contract.

No automated review system can beat the experienced eye and skill of a blockchain security expert. While a program can review the code, it takes an expert to properly review a logic.

The audit report will consist of known vulnerabilities, risk assessment, and mitigation recommendations in case there are code issues, security issues, or gas inefficiencies.

Since each project is different, the cost for each audit will also be different. You can submit your request along with your smart contract code so that our expert can review the code and quote a proper package.


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