Steps to a BSC Smart Contract Audit

Certifying your next project on the Binance Smart Chain gives you the potential of attracting millions in total value locked to your platform. Our BSC smart contract audit specialists analyze your smart contract through a combination of automated and manual audit methods.

Step 1Business Logic
  • The first thing we analyze is the business logic of your smart contracts. We also recommend changes to make your smart contracts more efficient.
Step 2Architecture security
  • We check for 100+ known vulnerabilities as well as manual threat anaysis for backdoors and code inconsistencies.
Step 3Data Maintenance
  • We recommend steps for better maintenance of user data depending on your particular use case, scale of the project, and tokenomics.
Step 4Infrastructure
  • Our team also recommends infrastructure changes that you may have to make when the project has to scale.

Categories of the BSC Smart Contract Security audit process include

Familiarization with the Project

Our BSC smart contract audit process involves our team studying your project before diving into the code analysis.

Automated Analysis

Each smart contract is taken through an automated analysis using industry-standard tools and checked for known vulnerabilities.

Manual Analysis

After the automated analysis, the smart contract code is audited by a quality analyst, line by line, to comb out further vulnerabilities.

Analysis of Known Vulnerabilities

This process involves a checklist that our auditor goes through, using a combination of automated and manual analysis.

Initial Audit Report

The initial audit report will outline the issues with the smart contract and recommendations to rectify the issues.

Code Recheck

You can ask for a revision after rectifying the issues and we will add that into the final report after a code recheck.

Deploy on the Testnet and Mainnet

We check your smart contracts even after you’ve launched it on the mainnet and recommend solutions in case of any issues.

Final Audit Report

The final audit report will have all the information, including the issue resolutions and will be published on our website.

How we work?


We first go through your smart contract and calculate the time it will take to complete the initial audit and the pricing.


Our consultant will communicate with you throughout the process and give you the team’s recommendations.


We conduct the initial audit through automated tools and line by line code analysis, and generate a pilot report.


After the pilot analysis, we generate the first report with the recommendations and bug fixes for your development team.


The final report will contain all the information, including the bug fixes, and will be published in the Cyphershield website.

Benefits Of BSC Smart Contract Audit

  • We generate extensive audit reports on Severe, Major, Minor Bugs with recommendations to resolve issues.
  • Our team checks for 100+ known vulnerabilities, code inconsistencies and gas inefficiencies.
  • We provide audit packages based on your particular smart contract and have competitive pricing.
  • We deliver our audit reports with the quickes turnaround times while not compromising on the quality.
  • All of our audits are done by industry-leading blockchain security experts and go through tight scrutiny.

Why choose us?

Certificate of Compliance

A Cyphershield audit is also a certification that your project is compliant with industry security standards and code standards.

Full Report & Recommendations

We provide you with a complete smart contract audit report that can be published publicly to enforce trust.

Automated Vulnerability Test

We use industry-standard automated smart contract testing tools to check for known vulnerabilities.

Manual Security Testing

Our blockchain security experts conduct manual quality analysis on each smart contract and provide recommendations.

Coding Conventions Check

We analyze your smart contracts to make sure that they adhere to industry best practices and conventions.

Function and logic testing

We also make sure that you have all the functions and logic needed to make your project work, and recommend solutions.

PR: Social Media Post

We announce the audit completion on all of our social media handles, giving credibility to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our Audits will be publicly available for users to verify them.

Yes, we allow revisions and will also mention the rectification of issues on the final audit report.

Yes, you, as the project owner or any third-party, will be allowed to publish the audit report without any edits on your channels.

Since each project is different, we provide custom packages after analysing your particular smart contact.

We look for 100+ known vulnerabilities as well as gas and code inefficiencies.

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