Steps involved in the audit process

Step 1Initial Preparations
  • We run a pilot analysis on your Ethereum smart contracts to understand the scope and scale.
Step 2Automated Analysis
  • We run the smart contract through industry-leading automated testing tools to detect flaws.
Step 3Manual Analysis
  • Our smart contract security expert goes through the smart contract line-by-line to detect errors.
Step 4Standard-Specific Issues
  • The auditor classifies the vulnerabilities and inconsistencies into standard and specific issues.
Step 5Initial Audit Report
  • An initial audit report is generated with the findings and the auditor suggests changes to the code.
Step 6Code Refactoring
  • After your smart contract is analyzed by our audit team, we suggest changes to optimize its performance.
Step 7Final Audit Report
  • The final audit report will include all the bug fixes made to the contract mentioned in the previous reports.

Our Ethereum Audit Services

Dapp / Platform Audit

Dapp / Platform Audit

Our Ethereum smart contract audit services include audits specifically tailored to your decentralized application, saving you time and money.

Token Smart Contracts Audit

Token Smart Contracts Audit

If a token contract has flaws, it can affect your entire operation. Our security experts put your token contracts through extensive scrutiny and testing before certifying.

What We Offer?

Extensive Audit Reports

Extensive Audit Reports

Our audit team consists of blockchain security specialists who scrutinize each smart contract. The detailed reports will help you make your contracts more efficient, secure, and help instill trust with users.

Check for 100+ Vulnerabilities

Check for 100+ Vulnerabilities

The team checks for more than 100+ known vulnerabilities through a combination of automated and manual audit methods. Additionally, we suggest ways to make your contracts more efficient.

Services for Major Blockchain Frameworks

Services for Major Blockchain Frameworks

We offer audit services for multiple blockchain platforms, ranging from token audits to complete decentralized application audits.

Most Common Vulnerabilities

  • DDoS
  • Re Entrancy
  • Front Running
  • Block Gas Limit
  • External Calls
  • Variable Shadowing
  • Contract Referencing
  • Arithmetic Errors

Why Is It Important?

1. Protect both your and your users’ funds from attacks.

2. Audited projects have higher longevity in the market.

3. DeFi Dapps deal with high amounts of funds, any vulnerability might result in permanent loss.

4. Once you deploy an Ethereum smart contract, it’s there forever. This means that you need to make sure it’s completely bug-free and efficient before you release it on the mainnet.


Benefits Of Erc20 Smart Contract Audit

Avoid Costly Errors

Smart contracts are immutable, and many Dapps deal with huge amounts in funds. An Ethereum smart contract audit from our experts will help you mitigate any code issues.

Automatic Scans

We use automated tools to streamline the testing process, allowing us to cover a wider range of vulnerabilities. This allows us to deliver audit reports faster and more precisely.

Expert Review

All smart contracts that we receive are audited and reviewed by a team of blockchain security experts and quality analysts.

Easy Integration

We analyze Ethereum smart contracts for inefficiencies apart from regular vulnerabilities. This allows you to integrate the best code before mainnet deployment.

Continuous Verification

Our audits are continuously checked and rechecked by multiple blockchain and cybersecurity professionals. Each report goes through multiple levels of scrutiny to ensure quality.

Detailed Analytics Reports

After the audit, we provide you with an in depth audit report with all relevant information, suggestions, and your project is deemed certified by Cyphershield experts.

Why Audit With Us?


Security in immutable world

Our Ethereum smart contract auditors are experts in their roles, with years of hands-on experience with blockchain security.

Professional Audit

Professional auditing

Our team audits Ethereum smart contracts through a combination of automated and manual audit methods.

Auditing Partners

Auditing partners

We can partner with projects from early stages and provide consulting services, suggesting ways to make code efficient.


Truly independent

Our audit service is truly independent and transparent, all changes to a smart contract are recorded in the audit report.

Frequently Asked Questions

An audit report adds an extra layer of trust to your projects, letting users know that their funds are safe. Additionally, the audit helps you make your smart contracts more efficient.

The Ethereum smart contract audit identifies known vulnerabilities and also checks for gas inefficiencies.

The common vulnerabilities we check for are Block Gas Limit, Arithmetic Errors, Front Running, DDoS, Contract Referencing, Re Entrancy, External Calls, Variable Shadowing.

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