Why is blockchain security so important?


Vulnerabilities in smart contracts

Smart contracts are highly secure when you code them right. If not, malicious actors can exploit them and can attack them continuously.

Security Assessments

Ignoring Security Assessments

Testing a blockchain for all possible issues is very time-consuming. However, if you ignore these security audits, it can crumble your entire project.

Development Flaws

Development Flaws

We’ve all been experiencing how hard it is to use a blockchain when the gas fee is high. This is one of many things that can go horribly wrong with development flaws.

How to do a Blockchain Security Audit?

Having a well-defined system is crucial when conducting a security audit. This is how we do it.

Define goal of the target system

Your blockchain product will have a certain business and technological goal. The first step is to define these and list the outcomes that you desire.

Identify components & Data flows of the target system

After we define the objectives, the next step is to see how the system currently achieves these objectives and how the components work.

Identifying potential security Risks

From our pilot blockchain security audit, we’ll list the potential security risks and issues in a detailed report.

Threat modeling: Blockchain security audit

This stage is where we identify and communicate the issues that we find, and suggest resolutions.

Exploitation and remediation

Our team of blockchain security experts tests your system extensively and tries to deploy multiple exploits. Then we suggest remedial measures.

The blockchain audit security model includes

This is what you can expect from our blockchain full node audit services when you approach us.

Secure Architecture

Secure Architecture Review

A team of experts analyzes the architecture and gathers information on vulnerabilities and checks if the architecture is as efficient as it can be.

Payment platforms

Payment platforms review

If you’re in DeFi and payments are a big component in your ecosystem, a payment platform review can help you protect your customers from mishaps.

Security Assessment

Security Assessment

This audit involves a team of blockchain security experts assessing your current security measures and their efficacy.

Review of APIs and SDK

Review of APIs and SDKs

A lot of times, even if your on-chain components are functioning correctly, your off-chain components can be vulnerable to attacks.

Why choose us?

When you choose us, you’re not just choosing a blockchain security audit company. You’re choosing a security partner that understands how the technology works. Additionally, our experts know how the industry and markets work.

  • Experts with experience in Blockchain full node audit services.
  • Transparent communication.
  • Best turnaround times.
  • Flexible Pricing Models.
  • Constant Support.
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