Crypto project audit

Crowdsale smart contract audit

Here, our experts conduct an in-depth crowdsale smart contract audit test for your crypto project.

ERC20 smart contract audit

Our experts conduct an audit for your ERC20 smart contract code and make sure that the token works within the project as it should.

Security Audit

Security is one of the strong concerns when implementing smart contracts. We conduct robust security audits to avoid any issues.

DeFi smart contract audit

DeFi smart contract deals with millions of dollars in crypto. Make sure that you secure your smart contract with a crypto service project audit service.

NFT smart contract audit

Here, our team conducts tests to check whether your smart contract meets industry best practices and its efficiency.

DEX smart contract audit

Our team conducts DEX smart contract audit to ensure that your project code is free from any bugs or code errors.

Hyperledger smart contract audit

Enterprise smart contracts hold millions of sensitive data. Make sure that the data is safe with a Hyperledger smart contract audit.

How do we do crypto project audit?


Securing the smart contract

Securing users' money is the most important factor, so we conduct security tests to ensure that your smart contract doesn't have any flaws in that regard.


Testing different attack vectors

Our experts perform several checks to see if your smart contract is vulnerable to different attack vectors.


Continuous communication

Good communication will lead to good results. Our team will try to maintain consistent communications with you throughout the audit process.

Gas Optimization

Gas optimisation

Our experts perform gas optimization analysis to ensure that gas fees do not affect users using your platform in any way.

Crypto project audit process



Our team collaborates with your team and prepares a detailed project requirement document.



For a clear picture, the professionals communicate and maintain a good relationship with you throughout the audit process.



We conduct different types of audits for improved performance of your smart contract codes.



In this process, our team goes deep into the code and tries to find the maximum number of errors and provides suggestions.



In this process, we first submit a pilot report of your smart contract and then a final report.

Benefits Of Crypto Project Audit

Avoid Costly Errors

Some errors will make you pay much more than you should. Avoid such errors.

Automatic Scans

A set of automated tools do the job perfectly for analyzing your smart contracts.

Expert Review

Our experts check your smart contract line by line for better code optimization.

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate the fixes into your smart contract after the pilot report.

Continuous Verification

Apart from automated and manual testing, we conduct several rounds of verification testing.

Detailed Analytics Reports

The report is all about what we get after conducting detailed analytics of your smart contract.

Most Common Vulnerabilities

  • Block Gas Limit.
  • Arithmetic Errors.
  • Front Running.
  • DDoS.
  • Contract Referencing.
  • Re Entrancy.
  • External Calls.
  • Variable Shadowing.

Why Is It Important?

  • Safeguard your and your investors’ funds.
  • Audited projects have a higher life span in the market.
  • Millions worth of assets are at stake and all bugs and flaws need to be fixed before going live on the mainnet.
  • Secure applications cannot be turned off or disabled.
why it's important

Why Audit With Us?

Security in immutable world

Professional auditing

Auditing partners

Truly independent

Frequently Asked Questions

The crypto project auditing company focuses on project owners building products with no bugs and vulnerabilities.

We do crypto project smart contract auditing deeply by conducting different tests that give the smart contract a better optimization.

Different types of vector attacks, vulnerabilities in code, bug identification, etc.

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