How to audit Solana smart contracts series?

Systematic approach

Systematic approach

In this stage, our Solana auditing experts perform an in-depth examination of your smart contracts in a step-by-step systematic approach. We fellow a systematic process for auditing.

Automated scanning

Automated scanning

Our experts do audit automation with automated tools and specialized tools. Solana smart contract auditing is the best way to ensure than your Dapps and tokens are ready for real-world use.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is a cyber attack simulation launched on your smart contract. The simulation helps to detect points of exploitation and check breaches in security.

Common Vulnerabilities Attacks

  • Missing signer checks
  • Loss of precision in calculation
  • Arithmetic overflow/underflows
  • Incorrect calculation
  • Missing freeze authority checks
  • Exponential complexity in calculation
  • Casting truncation
  • Numerical precision errors
  • Insufficient SPL-Token account verification
  • Missing ownership checks
  • Over/under payment of loans
  • Re-initiation with cross-instance confusion
  • Solana account confusions
  • Missing rent exemption checks
  • Signed invocation of unverified programs

Benefits of Solano token audit

Our Solana audit services is your right choice to resolve the conceivable flaws and technical mishaps to shield your smart contract from hackers.

  • Smart Contract Audit Will Optimize the Code
  • Ensure that the Contracts function as specified
  • Build Trust and Confidence of Investors/Traders
  • Save Time for Exchange Review
  • More Secure
  • Enhance Investors and Trader Loyalty
  • Regulatory Requirements in STO

Why Choose Us?

why choose us
  • Best in class Solano audit service.
  • Transparent in each phase of the Audit.
  • An effective Turnaround time.
  • Best pricing policy in the industry.
  • Sophisticated services associated with the integration, working and support.

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