Steps involved in an NFT Audit

Step 1Project Familiarization
  • The first step in our NFT audit services is a discovery call where we speak with you to understand our goals.
Step 2Code Freeze
  • We restrict the developers for editing the codebase at this point to maintain the integrity of the audit report.
Step 3Code Review
  • We review the smart contract code bas to understand the code structure and the overall architecture.
Step 4Automated Analysis
  • We then use audit automation tools to check for known vulnerabilities beforing sending the code for manual audit.
Step 5Manual Analysis / Functional Analysis
  • Here, an audit expert checks the code line by line to see if the code is functionally relevant and meets the project’s expetcations.
Step 6Known Vulnerability Analysis
  • This is a security audit for NFT where we check for 100+ known vulnerabilities to make sure that there are no backdoors.
Step 7Pen Testing
  • This is a smart contract testing technique where our audit expert similates various threats and scrutinizes the contract.
Step 8First Audit Report
  • The first audit report or pilot report outlines the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies we detect and provides suggestions
Step 9Code Fixes
  • In this phase, our experts provide code fix suggestions and suggestions for improving gas efficiency.
Step 10Final Audit Report
  • After the devs fix issues with the smart contract, we revise the pilot report and publish the final audit report.

NFT Vulnerability and Security Concerns

Challenges for Asset Ownership

An NTF does not store an actual asset, just it’s identifier. The company you buy the NFT from stores asset itself, such as an image, on their IPFS server. We mitigate this through an NFT verification service.

Marketplace Security Risks

NFTs are generally very safe but NFT marketplaces may be vulnerable. An NFT marketplace has many smart contract components and even a small issue can be crippling for your project.

Cyber Security and Identity Fraud

Scams and phishing attacks are pretty common these days. Even if your NFT or marketplace seems safe on the surface, they might be vulnerable in how they store private keys and passwords.

Smart Contract Risks

NFTs live in a highly liquid market and sometimes a single NFT deals with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Smart contracts have functions for every task, even for transfer of funds. Even a small vulnerability can turn into a honey pot.

Benefits of NFT audit

Blocking unauthorized access

Blocking unauthorized access

Our NFT audit services protect your NFTs and marketplaces from unauthorized access and malicious actors.

Secured Funds

Secured Funds

Close all the back doors to your NFT and related smart contracts to secure your users funds from theft or loss.

Ensured Integrity

Ensured Integrity

Our NFT verification service also checks for code integrity and shows you if its a clone or fork of another smart contract.

Why choose us?

Expert NFT Audit Service

All our audits go through in-house smart contract security experts with industry experience.

Audit Process

We believe in transparency and integrity, and that reflects in each stage of your interaction with us.

Effective Turnaround time

We know how important hitting deadlines is for you, which is why we conduct audits with automated tools and multiple manual auditors.

Cost Effective

We provide you with the pilot audit report where you get a chance of fixing issues early so that you only have to pay for what’s necessary.

Constant Support

We provide you with constant support including suggestions for making your smart contracts more efficient.


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