Aspects of Dapp audit

Functionality analysis

This step involves the audit professional analyzing your smart contract to see if it delivers the results that you expect.

Security analysis

This is where we check for security vulnerabilities and see if your Dapp is prone to breaches or hacks by bad actors.

Manual Audit

Our experts go through your smart contract code line by line to comb off any bugs or inefficiencies.

Automated Audit

We search for over 100 known vulnerabilities in your smart contracts, using automated audit tools.

Final Report

This is where we publish your audit report in which your users can see issues in your smart contract and the resolutions you’ve made.

Four main Dapp auditing activities

Automated static analysis

Automated static analysis

Checks for over 100 known smart contract vulnerabilities in a very short time.

Manual Code

Manual code review

Our experts check the smart contract code line by line to find hidden issues.

Pilot Report

Pilot Report

This is the first report where you’ll find out what issues you need to fix in the code.

Final Report

Final Report

This is the final report that you can publish for your users which includes fixes.

3 Stages of DAPP Security Audit

Planning and Discussion

Planning and Discussion

Our team collaborates with your team and collects information on what your project objectives are.

Audit Process

Audit Process

Applying manual and automated techniques, we check your smart contracts for errors and kinks.

Fixing and Reporting

Fixing and reporting

We provide you with a pilot report that shows the issues and then the final report after you fix them.

How a dApp Audit Works


This is the stage where the team plans and understands your project.


Our team reviews your code extensively for bugs and inefficiencies.


A final report that’s ready to publish for your users and key stakeholders.

Benefits of DAPP audit

Blocking unauthorized Access

Blocking unauthorized access

Make sure that no malicious actors can access functions on your smart contracts manually or through bots.

Secured Funds

Secured Funds

Your smart contracts hold millions in your users’ money. Make sure that the funds are safe with a security audit for Dapps.

Ensured Integrity

Ensured Integrity

Our audits cover security as well as smart contact gas efficiency. We also check if your developers have followed best practices.

Security solutions


Audit your Ethereum smart contracts before launching them on the mainnet and to the public.


Decentralization of Ethereum and the speed of Layer 2. Conduct your Polygon security audit for Dapps.


Easily secure your Binance Smart Chain contracts with industry-leading experts with security audit for Dapp.


Audit your Moonbeam and Moonriver smart contracts with our decentralized app audit services.


Enjoy the speed and low running costs of Avalanche with Dapp verification services.

Security Solutions

Why choose us?

Why Choose us

Audits by Solidity Experts

Your Dapp smart contract audit will be conducted by industry-leading blockchain security experts.


We will always be transparent with you so that you can always be transparent with your users.

Effective Turnaround

Get your audits completed quickly without losing any quality or missing any bugs.

Best pricing policy in the industry

We believe in creating a secure community so we have competitive pricing.

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